The primary goal of Providence Home Health Care, Inc. is to provide intermittent or continuing care through Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Home Health Aide services to the patient at the patient's place of residence. This goal is realized by first recognizing that all individuals have a unique hierarchy of needs. Each personís values and beliefs allow them to enhance their vibrancy in life by making beneficial choices leading to healthy and meaningful experiences. Providence Home Health provides extraordinary care during the times of need so these experiences may continue to happen at the place of comfort, the patientís own home.

At Providence Home Health Care, Inc. the delivery of patient care is an ongoing process of gaining health through effective evaluation, beneficial treatment plans, and improving on care as needed. Our Patient Care Plans are developed in light of the cultural contexts of our clients with the clientís consultation. We strive to understand how to best serve our clients by obtaining valuable information from the family members to highlight even unique aspects of the clientís needs so we may deliver the ideals of care as needed.

We are licensed to provide services to the following counties:

Cook County   Lake County
Dupage County   McHenry County
Kane County  

We are equipped with the most accurate CLIA-waved approved diagnostic instuments that provide laboratory quality results right at patients' home setting.

Immediate Protime with INR and Hemoglogin results are available just a finger stick away.

Medical supplies and equipment will be made available either for direct purchase or reimbursement through Medicare, Medicaid or Private Medical Insurance.

425 Huehl Rd. Building 20, Northbrook, IL 60062