Wound Care

Our Wound Care Registered Nurses (RN) have years of experience at the busiest hospitals that have specialized Wound Care centers including Hyperbaric Chambers. Some have practiced as Wound Case Managers assisting Physicians in obtaining remarkable results in healing.

Some of the skills we offer are:

Comprehensive head-to-toe assessment and risks for developing ulcerations using CMS approved scales.

Comprehensive assessment exams for Signs and Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), diabetic neuropathy, utilizing hand held Doppler including Semmes Weinstein Monofilament. Patients / Family teaching and education on comprehensive approach in wound care vs. topical treatments only.

Staging and grading of ulcers and wounds based on data available and in compliance with the most recent recommendations of AAWC.

Assessment and measurement of ulcers and wounds according to the requirements of the AAWC, assessment for S&S of infection vs contamination o colonization.

Knowledge of all the modern topical and systemic treatments available for ulcers & wounds of different etiologies:

  • Application of topical dressing (antimicrobials, hydrating, absorptive, collagens, cellulose with MMPs, composite, biological, etc.)
  • Application of static and dynamic compressions single or multilayered
  • Application of vacuum assistive device for wound closure - wound vac
  • Application of mist therapy-ultrasonic “Debridement” to lower wound bed bioburden and facilitate proliferation and epithelization
  • Application of Venous/Lymphedema and arterial pumps for edema management and prevention as well as part of the le ulcers comprehensive treatment
  • Application of Advance Wound Bio-surgery
  • Aftercare of surgical incisions S/P primary closure and monitoring for S&S of infections vs. inflammation
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